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Individual psychotherapy is a direct form of therapist’s work with the client. Sessions last from 50 minutes to 90 minutes. Meetings are held regularly after constructing a schedule made during the first sessions, usually once a week. The goals of the first few meetings are to become acquainted with each other by interviewing, diagnosing and exploring the current and past life situation of the client. The therapist needs to get to know the client’s goals, and together they set the plan of the therapy. By working with a psychotherapist, you can improve the quality of your life, change behaviors that are harmful to your significant others and learn how to build healthy and satisfying relationships with people.


A psychiatrist is a doctor who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. You must contact him when:

  • you struggle with suicidal thoughts
  • you feel anxiety, sadness, unjustified sense of guilt, tiredness and it is difficult for you to function on a daily basis
  • you suffer from insomnia or sleep much more than ever before, or you have problems with nutrition or sexual activity
  • you abuse drugs, alcohol or psychoactive substances
  • you struggle with somatic symptoms (palpitations, sweating, shaking hands), and other doctors did not find a medical cause.

A psychiatrist knows how the nervous system functions and based on medical knowledge can choose an effective pharmacological treatment, if needed.

Remember that a psychologist and a psychiatrist are two different professionals working in conjunction with each other. This is because pharmacological treatment gives the best results combined with psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy for couples can be very beneficial in developing healthy relationships. It may also help when you both struggle with a crisis or tragedy. This type of therapy serves to rebuild relationships based on trust, closeness and mutual understanding. An important part of this therapy is learning effective communication to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and to help both partners acquire openness to all kind of feelings and needs. It also may help both of you to better express your expectations and intentions. Sometimes couples are full of uncertainty as to whether they would be happier together or apart. If loneliness, sexual difficulties, emotional distance and detachment, constant quarrels and lack of loyalty plague your relationship, observation from both partners together is needed to find the source of the issues and a solution. By participating in psychotherapy for couples, you and your partner can expand your relationship into a completely different dimension. There will be a feeling of mutual understanding, exceptional closeness and, above all, a feeling that the relationship is developing in a satisfying way for both partners.Remember that couples therapy is meant for relationships in which both partners want to improve. If only you care about meeting with a therapist and your partner does not, then we recommend you to schedule an individual psychotherapy session.


The aim of this type of therapy is to eliminate sexual problems and dysfunctions, restore sexual needs and the ability to find pleasure from intercourse, as well as to increase the quality of coexistence and its diversification. You can come to this therapy individually or with a partner. The first meetings are in the form of an interview. A therapist will ask about your reason for attending, expectations, problems and previous experience. Sometimes, sexual problems are related to your lifestyle or state of health. A sexologist does not perform physical examinations, but may refer you to an appropriate specialist (e.g. gynecologist, endocrinologist, urologist). Problems many couples are facing include:• limitation of sexual activity• lack of satisfaction• painful sexual relations• low libido, lack of desire• erectile problems, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasmsThere are many reasons for these difficulties. They may be related to the current situation of the relationship or be an individual (psychological or biological) issue of one of the partners.


Struggling with problems related to physical health is a very difficult experience for everyone. Cancer is a special and very extreme experience.Consultation:• will show you how to build optimal habits every day, in health and in illness• help you prepare for a meeting with your doctor and indicate if you need to consult other specialists• explain to you how to conduct a conversation with family members to better understand and be understood• become familiar with potential oncological experiences during chemo and radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplantation.

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